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Experience Nature Cape Fur Seals Relax & Enjoy It’s Adventure Time Explore something new Discover new depths
Experience Nature Cape Fur Seals
Snorkel, Freedive or Scuba with the famous seals of False Bay
Relax & Enjoy It’s Adventure Time
Discover local diving! This is how Cape Town Locals dive. Join us for a local shore diving adventure.
Explore something new Discover new depths
Join us on a boat dive and experience something new and exciting!
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PADI Dive Courses

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Guided dives

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Dive Team Cape Town

We are passionate about sharing our experiences and creating a safe environment for learning new skills, while exploring the ocean and discovering the mysteries that lie beneath the waves

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Most popular PADI Dive Courses
PADI - Open water course
4 Days
Open Water Diver

Welcome to the first day of the rest of your life! The PADI Open Water Diver course is where it all starts, and is more than just learning how to dive. It is a lifestyle change, in more ways than you can imagine!



PADI Freediver Course
2 Days

The PADI Freediver course will introduce you to the four main disciplines in freediving, including static apnea, dynamic apnea, free immersion, and constant weight freediving.



PADI Advanced Open Water Course
3 Days
Advanced Open Water Diver

Go deep and learn to navigate underwater while discovering new adventures with the PADI Advanced Open Water Diver course.



Scuba Dive and Freedive
Around the Cape Peninsula
Diving with Cape Fur Seals in Cape Town
Dive with Cape Fur Seals

Snorkel, Freedive, Scuba Dive

Pietermaritzburg Wreck by Richard Darke
Unique Cape Kelp forests - Richard Darke
Kelp Forests
Cape Town - Diverse Reef
Diverse Reefs
Roman Rock Lighthouse
Spectacular Views
What are your options for diving in Cape Town?
Unique and tailored dive experiences for all divers
Diveteam Cape Town logo
A-Frame - Shore diving Simonstown
Discover local diving

Want to dive like the locals?

Relax and get maximum enjoyment from your dives without having to stick to a predetermined schedule. Our Dive Leaders will guide you on how to safely navigate the local dive sites and to get the most out of your dives.

Bos400 wreck - Houtbay
Boat dives

Want to see a specific dive site, marine species or wreck? 

Let us plan and execute your ultimate ocean experience. We provide intimate marine wildlife experiences for everyone, from snorkeling day trips to extensive photographic diving expeditions.


Let us show you why False Bay is rated as one of the best diving destinations in South Africa

Best diving in South Africa

Whether you prefer shore dives or boat dives, let us show you why the Table Mountain National Park Marine Protected Area is rated as one of the best diving destinations in South Africa.

The Kelp Forests and the Cape Fur Seals are always the clear favourites, but don’t forget the many historical Wrecks and huge variety of colourful Reefs to explore.

Enjoy the panoramic views of mountains rising out of the ocean as you move along the coast.

Scuba and Freediving
Equipment sales

Since diving is an equipment intensive sport, we stock the best quality diving gear and equipment from world-renowned brands for our divers.

Whatever your needs, we will help you choose the right gear at the right price.

Brightweights logo

Locally produced weight systems for divers. Bright Weights have won several international design awards for their range of innovative scuba equipment and accessories.

Bright Weights

Swim like a fish!
Reef South Africa logo

Reef South Africa has kept divers and surfers warm since 1987, with locally manufactured wetsuits. In addition to quality wetsuits designed and manufactured for all water sports disciplines, they also offer a great range of masks, snorkels, fins, dive bags, and more, all at affordable pricing.

Reef South Africa

Locally produced wetsuits and dive gear
Suunto logo

Suunto produces a complete range of high quality dive computers and compasses, from entry-level timing devices to the most sophisticated diving computers.


Reliable underwater instruments
Aqualung - First to dive!

Aqua Lung is the name that first introduced the world to scuba diving 75 years ago, when Jacques-Yves Cousteau and Émile Gagnan developed the first 'Aqua-Lung'. The excitement and adventurous spirit of that first dive continues today.

Aqua Lung

First to dive!
Jan de Bruyn
Jan de Bruyn
PADI Instructor

De Villiers Brits
De Villiers Brits
PADI Staff Instructor

Certified PADI Instructors
Our Crew

We are a passionate group of PADI Scuba and Freediving Instructors. We love teaching people how to dive and we enjoy exploring the oceans and its wonders around Cape Town.

Play Video about PADI logo - The way the world learns to dive.