Dive Beyond Boundaries – Unleash Your Inner Explorer!

Join us on an exhilarating two dive journey across False Bay, primarily exploring the treasures of False Bay and occasionally venturing into Hout Bay. Dive Team takes you to over 300 dive sites, including captivating wrecks, vibrant reefs, enchanting kelp forests, encounters with seals, stingrays, and even sharks.

Experience the Depths with Dive Team – Discover the Hidden Wonders of Cape Town’s Dive Sites!

Indulge in the thrill of exploration as you dive into the depths of Cape Town’s underwater world. Discover magnificent shipwrecks, vibrant reefs teeming with marine life, mystical kelp forests swaying beneath the surface, and encounters with fascinating creatures like seals, stingrays, and sharks. It’s an opportunity to witness the diversity and beauty of False bay and the Cape Peninsula.

Diving is in the heart of adventurers and seekers of new horizons. By venturing beneath the waves, you open yourself up to extraordinary encounters and the chance to explore uncharted territories. Break free from the ordinary and embrace the excitement of discovering something new with each dive.

While a PADI Advanced certification is preferred for this dive package, Dive Team welcomes Open Water Divers who are eager to expand their underwater horizons. Our experienced team will ensure that divers of all levels have a safe and fulfilling diving experience.

Overview of a Day as a True Underwater Explorer with Dive Team

  • Arrive at the Dive Team – Dive Centre in Simonstown at 8 am
  • Complete necessary paperwork and equipment setup, followed by equipment testing.
  • Travel to the launch site for the day’s dives
  • Receive a detailed dive briefing by your knowledgeable skipper.
  • Embark on an exploration of two exciting dive sites, with no time limits to immerse yourself fully.
  • Return to the Dive Centre for a well-deserved coffee and debriefing, sharing stories of your incredible underwater adventures.

Dive in and Join the Exploration – Book Your Dive Package Today!

Unleash your inner explorer and dive into over 300 dive sites in Cape Town’s rich waters. Dive Team invites you to embark on an extraordinary scuba diving exploration package, where every dive holds the promise of new discoveries. Whether you’re an experienced diver seeking new thrills or an adventurer eager to dive into the unknown, this package is perfect for expanding your diving horizons!

Thrills with Confidence – Prioritizing Safety, Embracing Adventure in Cape Town!

At Dive Team, safety is our utmost priority. Our experienced dive instructors and guides are dedicated to ensuring your safety and providing an exhilarating boat diving experience. We adhere to strict safety protocols, closely monitoring weather and ocean conditions. Dive with confidence, knowing that your well-being is our top concern.

R2450 /per person

  • Instant booking Confirmation
  • Discover new dive sites
  • Full equipment included
What is included in the dives
  • Two Boat Scuba Dives
  • Full scuba equipment rental
  • Bottled water
  • Seasonal fruits
  • Snacks
  • MPA Permit
What makes these dives special
  • Become part of the Dive Team Explorers club
  • New unexplored dive sites
  • Tailored dives, and you can request specific sites.

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    I had to get my regulators serviced and looked over again after a service was not done correctly by another... Took my set to Dive Team for service and Jan explained to me what they have done and why they had to do so. I can rest assure that my kit is like brand new. Thank you to Jan and everyone at Dive Team, see you soon again
    Sion Christopher
    Sion Christopher
    We went here to buy new masks and snorkels. Their gear is all great quality, the staff are super helpful and helped us find the perfect masks in our price range. Plus loads of tips on how to fit the mask properly and prevent it from misting up. Already had some great dives with the new gear. Thanks Dive team
    Thiago Carvalho
    Thiago Carvalho
    The dive with Jan and the staff was simply spectacular. I believe we were lucky since we saw so many seals, which made the dive very enjoyable. It's also worth mentioning Kyle, another member of the team, a very funny guy and always helpful.
    Danie de Kock
    Danie de Kock
    Awesome little dive shop. Friendly people. All you need for scuba and freediving.
    Gautier BEGASSAT
    Gautier BEGASSAT
    I'll remember this 1st dive in south africa, what a great experience i had with a wonderfull team ! I'll do it again ! I Wish all the best to the staff for this new year 2024 !
    Bryn Davies
    Bryn Davies
    Superb service from Diveteam! The crew went out of their way to arrange and execute an awesome dive for us. All are very friendly, knowledge and helpful. Highly recommended!
    Victor Scharnhorst
    Victor Scharnhorst
    Outstanding experience going on double dive wreck and seals in Hout Bay with Dive Team. Everything was really perfect from supervision to safety and quality of equipment and choice of dive sites. I did not even have to set up my jacket and regulator as they were taking care of everything for me so I could just enjoy the experience. Can only recommend! Diving with the seals was truly unforgettable, will surely dive again with the Dive Team 🀩🀩🀩 be aware that Atlantic Ocean is rough ;)
    Did 6 dives with these guys, everyone was super friendly and professional. The rental equipment was great and well maintained. Had a great experience 5/5.
    Roelien Steenkamp
    Roelien Steenkamp
    Always welcoming, warm and professional. Like visiting family :)
    Jonas Friis Pedersen
    Jonas Friis Pedersen
    Great service, boat and dive plan. Thank you for an awesome day of diving! We will definitely dive with you again if/when we come back to South Africa. However I think my girlfriend would need to bring her drysuit or 7mm next time, as the water temp was abit on the chilly side for 5mmπŸ˜… And I also really appreciated that Jan (captain) knew how to carefully handle my large camera rig on the boat. Taking on the dome cap a soon as it got back on the boat. I didnt feel the usual β€˜worry’ I do, when handing over my camera rig to boat captainsπŸ˜‚

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