Sea Rover

8.92 M 2 20 Knots

Sea Rover, built by Feral, is a remarkable boat designed for unforgettable water adventures. Powered by two Suzuki 90hp four-stroke motors, this vessel ensures reliable and efficient performance on the water. Whether you’re engaging in scuba diving, snorkeling, freediving, or embarking on an ocean safari, Sea Rover is the perfect companion.

With a capacity to accommodate 12 passengers or divers, along with a crew of two, this boat offers ample space for a memorable group outing. The spacious deck and comfortable seating allow everyone to relax and enjoy the journey in comfort and style.

Equipped with a Garmin 62cv GPS and Fishfinder, Sea Rover ensures precise navigation and helps locate the best spots for diving and exploration. The Icom M-323 VHF Radio ensures reliable communication, promoting safety and connectivity on the water.

For diving enthusiasts, the boat features a 16-cylinder tank rack, providing convenient storage for diving equipment. The inclusion of medical oxygen and a first aid kit demonstrates a commitment to safety, ensuring a worry-free diving experience.

Dive Team holds a Sanparks Permit, allowing it to operate in the Marine Protected Areas of False Bay and Cape Town waters. This permit showcases a dedication to responsible and sustainable practices, ensuring the preservation of marine ecosystems for future generations.

Sea Rover is conveniently stored at the Dive Team premises in Simonstown, providing easy access to the captivating waters of False Bay and Cape Town. These areas offer a wealth of diverse marine life and stunning coastal scenery, making them ideal destinations for your water adventures.

In summary, Sea Rover is a top-tier boat, designed and equipped to provide an exceptional water experience. With its powerful motors, generous capacity, essential navigation and communication equipment, safety rating, Sanparks Permit, and convenient storage at the Dive Team premises in Simonstown, it is the perfect choice for scuba diving, snorkeling, freediving, and ocean safaris in the breathtaking waters of False Bay and Cape Town.

Boat type: Powerboat
Manufacturer: Feral Marine
Model: 900F
Year: 2012
Length: 8.92 M
Cruising speed: 20 Knots
Boat captain: Jan de Bruyn
Number of crew: 2
Charter guest: 12
Cabins: -

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