• Samoa is a mask designed for snorkeling
• It is equipped with an elastic fabric strap
• New generation aerator designed primarily for snorkeling
• Variable-section hydrodynamic profile with shaped splash guard

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Samoa is a mask that features our efficient Fog-Stop system, on a smaller frame suitable for people with a smaller face.

A system of membranes channels the air towards the lower part of the mask, away from the glasses. ]

A second membrane seals the eye socket, so that warm air coming from exhalation does not get on contact with the glass at all. This dramatically limits the fogging of the mask. Another feature of our fog stop system is the heat exchanging structure on the top of the masks silicone blades facilitate heat exchange between the mask ant the water, balancing the temperature between the two in a shorter time. This also helps to reduce fogging. Samoa is a mask thought for people with a smaller face. It allows women and younger people to use our performing Fog-Stop System.

The Mexico snorkel is a high-end tube specifically studied to form a perfect fit on any face shape and features a completely rounded progressive profile. The upper baffle reduces water entrance due to waves with a design created to avoid damaging the air inlet flow. It has a transparent tube in a very flexible polyurethane with a mixed matte-gloss texture.

The section of the tube walls is studied to maintain the necessary stiffness in the pressure zone of the mask strip to support air circulation in this area. It has a very comfortable mouthpiece with a design that combines different thicknesses to favor its self-orientation and relieve the tension of the user’s jaw after long use.

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