Saekodive – Wrist Slate


Separate writing surfaces via three leaves that flip-up for easy access

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Whether you are a new diver or a dive instructor, or anywhere in between, you always have the need to write something down underwater.

Slate is equipped with a hook and loop strap for mounting on the wrist, and the slate has a pencil that is attached to a coiled lanyard and a tube to secure pencil when not in use.

The wrist slate offers three, separate writing surfaces via three leaves that flip-up for easy access. An elastic cord snaps the leaves back into place and a cord with sleeve stows the attached pencil. The wrist slate fits on the curve of the forearm and can be attached with the hook and loop strap. Use them for note-taking, back-up deco schedules, or as a safety communication device. Slate is made from durable plastic and is easily erasable.

  • Great Multiple Page Slate Design
  • Useful for Divers of All Skill Levels
  • Hook and Loop Wrist Strap to Secure Slate
  • Coiled Lanyard Attaches Pencil
  • Tube to Secure Pencil
  • Durable Plastic Construction

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Dimensions 150 × 50 × 135 mm


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